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Vincent Spiering, Amsterdam 1998.

I am an illustrative designer, artist, and printmaker. I work on projects involving stories about everyday life and the world around us,

In my work, I love to mix and match the visible world around us; I play with perspective and patterns to make subjects stand out and capture the right tone.

I mainly work with pencils, fountain pens, and East Indie Ink. My work always starts off analog, with pen and pencil, searching for the sketch that sticks. The next stage involves a lightbox to trace the drawings with a lightbox to make the linework. The last step is to combine everything in Photoshop by adding the color layers and preparing the work for screenprinting, linocuts, or RISO.

In Addition to working for clients like Het Parool, OneWorld, and VCA, I also do independent work like Amsterdam Stacked and Side by Side, Like to Move It, and A Scopic World.

If you are interested in my work, don't hesitate to send a message.


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Vincent Spiering
Illustrator of things 
Based in Amsterdam | The Netherlands. 
Illustrations - Graphic Design 

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